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Fund-raising Opportunities

PMI Entertainment Group Lambeau Field Fundraising  Not-For-Profit Fundraising ProgramLambeau Field Non Profit Fundraising Program

Have you ever felt that your current fundraising strategies require members to spend too many long hours planning, sorting, and performing post-drive tasks? With each fundraiser, it becomes more difficult to find people willing to extend the time and energy on these functions. When you encounter the amount of time spent, was your fundraising return satisfactory? Have you noticed that typical fundraisers depend heavily upon the generosity of friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers? To meet your fundraising goals, you must impose on these individuals to purchase candy, cookies, pizzas, pies, wrapping paper and so on. “Sure, I’ll buy your candy…after all, you bought my raffle tickets last week…” Wouldn’t fundraising be more “fun” if you did not have to rely on someone else’s sense of obligation? Wouldn’t you like to tell your members how they can raise more money without all the pre- and post-fundraising drudgery?

It’s time to put the “Fun” back in FUNd-raising.
PMI Entertainment Group is a proud partner in the Green Bay community. We are thrilled to once again offer charities the opportunity to raise funds during Packer home games and other Brown County Veterans Complex events, including events at the Brown County Arena, Shopko Hall, and Resch Center. Last year, numerous non-profit organizations participated in the fund-raising program. PMI Entertainment Group contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities.

What does my group need?
~ Committed, service-oriented volunteers
~ A 501(c)(3)
~ A designated group leader

To participate in our fundraising program please download our Fundraising Application here.


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to raise money for your group!

For more information, please contact:

Checkout the PMI Not-For-Profit Fundraising Program’s Facebook page FUNdsForTheCommunity for additional information, updates, and other opportunities to raise funds for your organization!