PMI Entertainment Group Logo
PMI Entertainment Group Logo

Company Overview

"A unique organization that reinvests profits back into our community and venues."

PMI Entertainment Group is a Green Bay, Wisconsin company. We provide comprehensive venue, sports and entertainment management services for the venues listed below.

We are a private, non-stock corporation led by a board of directors made up of community leaders. We have no owner. That means any profits we make are put back into the venues we manage or into the communities of Northeastern Wisconsin. Our company exists to enhance the entertainment offering and economic growth of the venues we manage and the community we live in.

Through Blue Green Events, we produce many of our own events and get creative with all of our businesses to fulfill our mission. We do this by being entrepreneurial in all aspects of producing, operating and delivering events to the buildings we manage.

Owning and operating Ticket Star, Green Bay Gamblers Hockey, and Celebrations Event Rental Services, PMI Entertainment Group is able to keep those revenues working in Brown County and Northeastern Wisconsin.

We currently manage:

  • Resch Center
  • Resch Expo
  • Meyer Theatre

We currently own and operate:

  • Green Bay Gamblers Hockey
  • Ticket Star
  • Blue Green Events
  • Celebrations Event Rental Services
  • Bart Starr Plaza Tailgate Party

We are active members of:

  • International Association of Assembly Managers IAVM
  • International Association of Event Managers IAEM
  • International Entertainment Buyers Association IEBA¬†International Ticketing Association INTIX
  • Country Music Association CMA
  • Venue Coalition