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Venue Management

PMI Entertainment Group is a full service management company providing comprehensive services to venues and entertainment facilities. We take a distinctive approach to our business as we are one of the few operators in the industry that is a complete resource. We provide services including venue management, sports management, booking services, food & beverage services, ticketing, show & event production, marketing, group sales, sponsorships and consulting.



PMI Entertainment Group manages every process required to produce successful events. We are able to:

  • Maximize facility usage with efficient and sustainable mix of events
  • Establish and maintain relationships with major touring companies and show promoters
  • Produce and create shows, trade shows and special events
  • Negotiate contracts with promoters, manage sporting events, and sell sponsorship opportunities
  • Manage, market and operate sports teams as well as building tenants
  • Understand the profitability of events and maximize the bottom line based on our experience in managing public facilities
  • Market venues through a variety of relationships and target the appropriate media for each event
  • Provide risk management, safety and human resource management required in public facilities to maintain safety while minimizing liability
  • Provide excellent event estimation, reporting and communication with stakeholders of the facility
  • Continually strive to maximize revenue and economic impact while minimizing the expense and liability associated with venues and facilities

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